Who Killed My Mum?


Patricia Grainger

Born 13-01-1972

Died 10-08-1997

On August 10th 1997 my mum Patricia (Pat) Grainger was found murdered she was 25 years old at the time she would now be aged 45 She was found by youths playing around the area where her body was found, she was covered by part of a old divan bed base (was thought to have been a mattress until may 2009) her murder was very sadistic and for legal reasons i cannot go into detail, she had been sexually assaulted, strangled, stabbed and violated.

She was a lovely woman who would not hurt a fly she was friendly and would talk to anyone who would talk to her there is NO reason why someone would do what they did and in no way what happened to her could ever be justified.

I’m her son Daniel I have started this website because at the time it was coming up to the 11th anniversary of her death (may 2008) and no information had been successful to get the person responsible put behind bars, and to also appeal for someone to come forward with any information they may have, at the time of her murder I was 5 years old.

I hope that because of advances in science and technology and with the help of the public one day her killer can be found. I hope someone out there will come forward to help put my mum’s killer away and to let her rest in peace and to allow myself and my family to continue life the best we can. What happened to my mum as not only taken away her life but taken parts of mine and my familys life too, by means of greif, stress, depression, anxiety and hate.

Myself and my family didn’t know the true extend of what happened to my mum back in 1997 until i was 18 we was allowed to see the postmortem results which i wish now i had never seen them , My family did see it before but with parts blanked off, it was hard enough just knowing she had been murdered and raped but for legal reasons i cannot mention the sick things that was done to my mum, I hope to god that as bad as it sounds she was either unconscious or had passed away before anything else happened to her, she must have been so frightened and upset, it makes me both angry and sad 🙁

My mum had a mental age of 10 and it was thought she had ADHD. However, at the time of her murder ADHD was not diagnosed. Those responsible for killing my mum took advantage of her mental age and lured her to her violent and sadistic death, Justice for mum is all i want and until that day i wont rest knowing her killer is out there.






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